We offer the necessary productivity tools


About us – Pro Planner is California’s quality base & cost effective stationary productivity firm provide well design coffee mugs, notebooks, planners and more.

Pro Planner offers planners, notebooks, coffee mugs, canteens, portable phone chargers, and more. I created Pro Planner because as an aspiring professional it is important to have the right tools at one’s desk to stay productive, organized and motivated.
Moreover, some products are designed to push you beyond your comfort zone by encouraging you to “GET SHIT DONE“. That is why that slogan is etched onto the coffee mugs and canteens. The portable phone charger was introduced to remedy the problem of phones dying at inconvenient times. And I designed the planners with motivational quotes to motivate people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. The planners are a necessity for anyone wanting to be more resourceful because we all need to be organized, structured and well thought out to maximize the precious 24 hours in a day.
www.proplanner.us offers the necessary productivity tools for those hungry for success and for those wishing there were more hours in a day. And although I cannot add more hours to the day, Pro Planner makes it easier for you to maximize your precious 24 hours everyday.


Pro Planner, the Swiss Army Knife for maximizing productivity.